display cabinet
W900*D350*H1800mm 530.00元

Product Technical Parameters Description

Model: OSW4 (4-layer storage magazine rack)

Specification: 900 wide * 400 deep * 1800mm high

Volume: Packaged volume: 0.70m3; Disassembly and assembly volume: 0.20m3

Material processing technology: High quality SPCC cold rolled steel coil, processed by NC servo automatic feeding machine combined with professional equipment and mold cutting, CNC equipment bending forming, water-cooled pneumatic welding machine and CO2 welding (assembly) firmly, polishing machine for welding parts and sharp angle workstations, completely eliminating damage to human contact parts of the product!

Surface coating process: The automatic coating assembly line uses Aksu epoxy polyester powder for automatic electrostatic coating, high-temperature curing and leveling, after 11 stations of pre-treatment such as degreasing, film coating, passivation, etc. for the online products. The surface coating detection data of the product easily meets industry standards. Can ensure ten years without rusting!

Packaging: Wrapped with foam film, packaged in high-quality three layer (full pack)/five layer (disassembled) cardboard boxes.

Spare parts for accessories: Equipped with 4 layers of reversible laminates and 4 layers of fixed laminates. Adopting high-quality Wangtong locks and ABS handles, ensuring that the cabinet door can slide open and close more than 10000 times smoothly.